Rush Revere and the American Revolution Review

A snarky talking horse? If you have read the first 2 Rush Revere books, You are already familiar with the time travelling horse and his rider, Rush Revere. The first two books brought you back to the time of the Pilgrims and the Patriots of early America. Now, he takes you to the time of the revolutionary war.
The war is just beginning and you are thrown into the drama and action of
the war that eventually brought about America’s freedom.
We see how a bunch of underdogs battle the greatest nation in the world. And, practically speaking, there should have been no possible way that these ‘rag-tag’ soldiers could beat the super power.You will be able to visit these underdogs and see how they battled Britain for eight years.

You will also be able to meet Paul Revere and see the danger that he was willing to face.
And then one of the modern characters in the book (Cam) is able to see how his dad fighting for America in Afghanistan is actually very important to America’s future.
Join the adventure as Liberty and the group learn the real facts
about our country, facts that few children know about today… until now.

Few adults, much less our children, are aware of the sacrifice and miraculous occurrences that took place many times during this fight for freedom.

This war was unlike any war that has taken place in world history. How? The colonists were actually fighting to hold up the law that Britain had established and they were battling the greatest ‘superpower’ of the day. And the freedom fighters were not only fighting the British, but many of their own country men were on the side of the British, as well.

Read this entertaining account and see some of the miracles that occurred during this war … a war that the colonists ‘should have never won’.

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